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A common question from prospective clients, whether it’s asked directly or not is…

Why would we select Qualicare and not another company?

1. We match our caregivers to our clients using a four-way criteria: Culture, Temperament, Skills, and Experience. Find out more…

2. We strive to assign consistent caregivers so that everyone is familiar with each other. Find out more…

3. Our care is “Nurse Managed” on a 24/7 basis and our caregivers are never left on their own. Find out more…

4. We are Family Homecare: In addition to the patient, we address the wellbeing of the whole family, especially the primary family caregiver. Find out more…

5. We go beyond basic care. With the family’s permission, we interact with physicians, other healthcare professionals, and public health case managers to coordinate the best possible care. Find out more…

6. We are a homecare and nursing provider approved for Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada. We are also an authorized Blue Cross service provider for homecare, nursing, and foot care.

Why would you select Qualicare and not another company?

1. How We Match Caregivers to Clients

Quality of care goes beyond physical care. Compatibility between the caregiver and the client makes a definitive difference. We are matchmakers using four dimensions:

Culture We respect everyone’s cultural background, comfort zone, and preferences.

Temperament Some clients like activities and some like quietness, some like socialization and some like solitude, and so on. We note and address different temperaments.

Skills We assess skill requirements for each client’s care and ensure that the caregivers have the right training for every client.

Experience We assign caregivers who have experience for similar care, e.g., seniors, children, dementia, palliative, etc.

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2. How We Ensure Caregiver Consistency

We don’t just fill gaps in a schedule. We ensure consistent care and family-like relationships between caregivers and clients.

This is especially important with the elderly and those with dementia, who do not deal well with changes.

Our client care system matches our caregivers to our clients based on a set of criteria, including those listed in Qualicare Difference #1. After care has started, the system shows the scheduler caregivers who have previously served a client and whether the client has indicated his or her favourites. Finally, the system tells us who is available for time required.

Even with a high volume of care, we ensure consistency in assigning to the right client the right caregiver at the right time.

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3. How We Provide Nurse Managed Care 24/7

Our caregivers are never on their own. They have access to our nurses 24/7 while caring for our clients.

While Qualicare is not 911 emergency response service, we are accessible around the clock to ensure our caregivers have someone to turn to for advice and direction while on duty around the clock.

We have live response to all calls. Our professional call center, staff, and nurses are on-call 24/7 to support caregivers who require immediate advice and direction regarding care.

This brings great comfort and security to the patient, the family, and the attending caregiver.

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4. We Care For The Whole Family

We keep the whole family in mind. Family members, especially the primary family caregiver, benefit from our commitment to address family stresses associated with caring for the patient.
The primary family caregiver often bears the main load caring for the loved one.

Family caregiver burnout is a common problem that we solve when we start care.

Further, when a crisis happens and other family members are increasingly involved, tension, stress, and even guilt often affect not just the family members, but also the wellbeing of the patient. We at Qualicare Family Homecare address the whole picture, so that the family can focus on their relationships and enjoy their time together.

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5. How We Go Above & Beyond Basic Care

Through reports from our caregivers and regular consultations with the client and the family, we monitor our care and the overall situation and trends to ensure the best outcomes for the client.
With the client’s approval, our Personal Care Manager (PCM) coordinates care with the family physician, other healthcare professionals, and public healthcare case managers. This way we maximize funded care impact and minimize cost to the client.

As part of the available 360° Care Management service, our PCM discusses medication impact and care with the family physicians.

Our reports to and interactions with the doctor extend the physician’s care into the home without house calls.

6. Trusted by Blue Cross, Canadian Armed Forces, and Veterans Affairs Canada

We are a homecare and nursing provider approved for Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada. We are also an authorized Blue Cross service provider for homecare, nursing, and foot care.

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