Step 4

Schedule for care to start

Elderly man and family

Let our experts give you peace of mind, as we at Qualicare will take care of:

Background checks & bondage insurance for our staff
24/7 live support for the staff: if something changes our staff has access to a nurse that can adjust to any situation that may arise.

Qualicare provides a secure, confidential, and easy-to-use Web application called Family Room that you can access using a mobile device or on a desktop computer. You can see the schedule, who the caregivers are, tasks planned, completed, and, if incomplete, the reason for it, and any care notes and concerns.

Clients tell us this is especially important for families living away from the client or if they out-of-town. This is also useful for attending physicians and medical professionals who have multiple clients under their care. They can access information about their patients without making physical visits.

Qualicare provides transparency and accountability, and the tool to monitor them so that you know we deliver the care you want each and every visit.

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