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How does someone gain independence when they can’t exercise on their own?

walking or moving around

NeuroGym FIT (Functional Independence Training) offers unique mobility training for those with neurologic injuries or conditions that have a serious impact on functional independence.

Our innovative and patented methods and equipment, proven through  clinical trials, provide superior, safe, and enjoyable training.

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Three Easy Steps to Start Improving Your Mobility and Independence Now!

  • A Mobility Specialist prescribes a personal Mobility Training Plan and a Qualicare Care Manager develops a personal care plan for you to review and approve.
  • Decide to purchase or rent the equipment.
  • Customize your schedule for your Personal Mobility Training Program and start!

Founded in 2001, thousands of families have benefited from Qualicare’s compassionate and expert caregivers and nurses to improve quality of life, gain peace of mind, stay at home safely, and reduce hospital visits for themselves and their loved ones.

NeuroGym’s movementenabling equipment and techniques allow the recovering individual to develop and practice the movements they otherwise cannot perform alone.

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Effectiveness of NeuroGym FIT’s techniques and equipment have been proven through clinical trials and studies. Examples:

  • The Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy (Dec 2011) published a case study on some impressive results using the NeuroGym Sit-to-Stand (STS) Trainer. This case study from the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Cincinnati used the Sit-to-Stand Trainer to improve the sit-to-stand ability of stroke patients and illustrated, as well, the potential positive transfer to gait abilities. (
  • The journal Aging Clinical and Experimental Research published a study about the positive effects in older adults of balance training with the NeuroGym Trainer. Seniors improved both stability and automaticity while stabilizing – key elements in falls prevention. (

Data from NeuroGym FIT trials in residential care showing increasing repetitions of sit to stand exercise (STS) and decreasing time to complete the 3x and 5x timed sit to stand test.

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