Mobility Independence

We provide superior and affordable mobility rehabilitation in the home so that people can enjoy independence (again).

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Transfer Independently Again

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Relearn How to Walk

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Regain your Quality of Life


to Improve your Mobility and Independence

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A Mobility Specialist prescribes a personal Mobility Training Plan and Qualicare Care Manager develops a customized care plan for you to review and approve.

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Decide to purchase or rent equipment. Cost includes delivery and set up.

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Plan your schedule for your own Mobility Independence Program and start regaining your independence!

About the Mobility Independence Program

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Qualicare and NeuroGym FIT combine their expertise in innovative mobility training and family homecare  to bring your the Mobility Independence Program in the comfort of your home, designed to deliver effective, evidence-based mobility training combined with top-notch personal care.

  • Do your mobility exercises in a familiar setting at home.
  • Schedule your exercise session without constraints of facility hours
  • Eliminate unnecessary travel
  • More frequent and shorter exercising duration favors better outcomes than longer and less frequent sessions 

The Mobility Independence Program

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Custom Designed Equipment
& Enabling Techniques

NeuroGym’s movement-enabling equipment and techniques allow the recovering individual to develop and practice the movements they otherwise cannot perform alone.

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Proven Effectiveness

Effectiveness of NeuroGym FIT’s techniques and equipment have been proven through clinical trials and studies.


The Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy

The Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy published a case study with impressive results in which the Sit-to-Stand Trainer (STS) was used to improve the sit-to-stand ability of stroke patients. The study also illustrated the potential positive transfer to gait abilities.

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The Journal of Aging Clinical and Experimental Research

Published a study about the positive effects in older adults of balance training with the NeuroGym Trainer. Seniors improved both stability and automaticity while stabilizing –
key elements in falls prevention.

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The Mobility Independence Program

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Innovative Tools to Help You Improve Mobility

Explore the NeuroGym line of enabling equipment below. Through this exclusive collaboration, Qualicare Ottawa and NeuroGym FIT will help you improve your mobility from the comfort of your home, while providing affordable and effective training.

How Equipment and Exercises from the Mobility Independence Program Help Your Body

The NeuroGym line of enabling equipment helps clinicians fulfill the type of therapy and exercise programs that laboratory studies in the movement and basic sciences are suggesting would be most effective. Many modifiable factors, such as muscle strength, joint range of motion, and mobility can be positively influenced with appropriate treatment methods and training intensity.

The Sit-to-Stand Trainer


The Sit-to-Stand Trainer actively assists the standing motion with support at the knee, trunk and arms to promote early mobility.
It strengthens the trunk and lower extremities and improve transfers.

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The Exercise Wheelchair


The Exercise Wheelchair provides practical trunk and lower extremity training from a wheelchair platform. The Exercise Wheelchair can be used to train the trunk and hip muscles that contribute to bed mobility, sitting endurance, and standing.


The Pendulum Stepper


The Pendulum Stepper provides support and active assistance for a reciprocal stepping motion with no transfer required. The Pendulum Stepper can be used for functional training of the lower extremities and aerobic conditioning in sitting or in supine.

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The Bungee Mobility Trainer


The Bungee Mobility Trainer provides a safe and supportive environment to practice standing, stepping, and dynamic balance activities. The Bungee Mobility Trainer can be used to improve static and dynamic stability, mobility, and weight-bearing ability.

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Ankle Trainer


The Ankle Trainer can be used to strengthen sprained, paretic or post-surgical ankles. The Ankle Trainer allows targeted training of muscle groups through a complete range of motion.

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The Mobility Independence Program

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