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Hospital staff do their best to attend to your needs, but it can be difficult to provide care in a timely manner given the staff-to-patient ratio. When you require more personalized, individual attention, we are glad to help at Qualicare Ottawa.

We are often called upon to provide supplemental care under the direction of the hospital’s medical staff in Ottawa-area hospitals. Having individualized care and support ensures comfort and safety may prevent unwanted complications and even reduce the length of your hospital stay.

Our Personal Hospital Support Services at a Glance

We are dedicated to your wellness, comfort, and peace of mind, aiding you in your recovery journey. The Qualicare Ottawa team is pleased to assist in the following ways:

  • Communications with nurses, other hospital staff, family, and friends
  • Personal grooming, toileting, diet care, and comfort adjustments
  • Helping perform exercises that align with your recovery plan
  • Quality time and socialization with caregivers to benefit social skills and morale

Compassionate Caregivers, Compassionate Service

Our Ottawa hospital care and support services are handled by dedicated, compassionate, and experienced caregivers. We’re proud to offer comprehensive support during every stage of subsequent rehabilitation and post-operative processes. Our caregivers are also ready to assist you with navigating the healthcare system, ensuring you stay fully informed and at ease every step of the way. In addition, discharge planning is made less stressful when it’s time for you to head home – our team will check to make sure that a proper in-home care plan is in place before you leave. That way, you can focus on continuing to recover in a safe, hazard-free, and comfortable environment. Qualicare Ottawa’s hospital support services also extend to patient advocacy, working closely with you and your family to ensure absolute satisfaction and optimal recovery progress structured around your terms and needs.

Make Your Care Experience Comfortable and Positive

Nobody enjoys being in a medical environment longer than necessary, but our approach at Qualicare Ottawa is to infuse the caregiving process with companionship, attention to detail, and a focus on comfort. From reading to writing letters or simply partaking in a game of cards, our caregivers are happy to spend quality time with you. Conditions permitting, we can also accompany you out of your care ward for a change of scenery and to help stretch your legs. Speaking of stretches, our caregivers can also carry out position adjustments in bed, assist with gentle exercises and personal grooming, walks, toileting, and meals. We want to ensure you stay comfortable, content, and at ease during your stay while having someone to talk to. In addition, we’re happy to transparently serve as the communications link between you and hospital staff as well as loved ones.

Our early involvement often accelerates a patient’s hospital departure and enables us to ensure that proper in-home care is in place before they head back to familiar surroundings. A Qualicare Nurse Managers can participate in the discharge conference with the hospital and ensure all necessary supplies, prescribed medications, and equipment are made available, all necessary bathroom and bedroom modifications are complete, and that the transfer home from the hospital is safe and smooth. Throughout this process, the safety, comfort, and dignity of the patient and the family’s peace of mind are always our top priority.

While in the hospital and at home, extended medical insurance (available in many benefit plans) will often pay for care by Personal Support Workers (PSWs) or Certified Nurses, when required and ordered by a physician. Please check your benefits package for further details on reimbursements. For more information on our hospital support services in Ottawa, contact the team at Qualicare today. We’re happy to help!

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