Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Ottawa

Caring for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease can be overwhelming, yet being able to provide proper Alzheimers’s or dementia care is essential for both your peace of mind and the health of your loved one.

Qualicare understands Alzheimer’s disease and we are here to help you navigate the stages of the disease while also allowing you to maintain a sense of well being. We are here to support you through this experience and help you become an informed and empowered caregiver.

Family HomeCare

We focus on care for the whole family so you can focus on your loved ones. Essentially, we take on the role of “professional son or daughter” allowing you to minimize your stress so you can enjoy quality time with your family and peace of mind knowing that Qualicare is involved.

Nurse Managed Care

All of our care is managed by nurses to ensure we are providing the right care in the right way. Caregivers are thoroughly oriented with the right priorities and clear direction. Nurse Managers also provide ongoing professional monitoring, oversight and reviews of care in order to ensure the patient’s goals are achieved and the quality of service is maintained.

Continuity of Care

We feel it is very important to offer a consistent caregiver that often develops a working relationship or bond that allows them first hand knowledge of each person’s behaviors, and how best to respond to them in a calm and effective manor.

Having well-educated, consistent and experienced caregivers can allow a person with Alzheimer’s to stay at home safely with the dignity and attention they deserve.

A Frequently Asked Question: Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia — are they the Same?

The short answer is no.

Here is the longer explanation: Dementia describes a set of symptoms of mental degradation such as loss of memory, loss of reasoning power, and confusion, and these symptoms are serious enough to affect a person’s ability to live independently. Dementia may be caused by various factors. Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is the name of a disease that affects the brain and is the reason behind the vast majority (2/3 or more) of dementia cases. That’s why we often hear these two terms, AD and Dementia, mentioned at the same time.

Dementia can be the result of other diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease or something called vascular dementia.

A major difference between dementia and Alzheimers is the progression. Dementia may or may not worsen or progress depending on the issues that initially caused the dementia symptoms. An example of this is when a patient has had several Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIA’s) or a stroke may develop Vascular Dementia, but it should not worsen unless the patient has another stroke or condition that affects the brain. Alzheimer’s Disease always progresses.

If you wonder whether someone has dementia, consult your doctor, who can use a series of tests to assess a person’s mental functions. Although the dementia cause may be unknown, the local Alzheimer’s Society—there is one in most cities—can provide the proper resources to help you out.

Qualicare Ottawa’s nurses are also knowledgeable about dementia and its causes. We have provided care and comfort to many clients affected by dementia, whatever the cause. Please reach out to one of our nurses by calling 613.366.2899, and we’ll answer your questions and help out in whatever way we can.

About Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a challenging journey, for both the person diagnosed and their family members and loved ones. People with Alzheimer’s generally advance through increasingly debilitating stages, each requiring more involved levels of care.

Alzheimer’s Disease, the most common form of dementia, is characterized by cognitive decline and memory loss that greatly interferes with daily life. Dementia progressively weakens the thought processing abilities causing communication problems and drastic changes in mood and behavior.

Alzheimer’s disease has a large impact on the whole family. It steals our loved ones a little more each day. Qualicare Ottawa can assist by lessening the impact by helping families provide the Alzheimer’s or dementia care they need.

About Dementia

Dementia is a universally-known term, but not many know that it is actually an umbrella term that refers to a collection of symptoms related to the decline in memory and mental abilities — it is not a condition in and of itself. There are many forms and causes of dementia — the two main forms being Alzheimer’s disease and Vascular dementia (the former occurs following a stroke).

In order to qualify as dementia, at least two of these vital mental functions must be impaired to the point where they negatively impact a person’s ability to live their everyday lives.

  • Judgment/Reasoning
  • Memory
  • Communication
  • Attentiveness/focus
  • Visual perception

How We Can Help

Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s and dementia can be overwhelming. We can help. Our educated and experienced caregivers understand these behaviors and can provide safe, personalized, nurse monitored care at home.

Our care managers are highly trained in dementia care. We increase quality of life by encouraging clients to live a normal life for as long as they can. To do this, we find coping strategies to overcome deficits when they arise, such as finding new activities when old activities can no longer be enjoyed. We encourage our clients to do as much for themselves as possible, giving assistance as needed and praises along the way.

Contact us for a free one-hour in-home assessment with a Qualicare Ottawa care manager. We’ll answer your questions and help ensure you receive the Alzheimer’s or dementia care that your family needs. If you’re facing behaviours or issues related to dementia (including wandering, agitation, aggression, incontinence, and falls) we can offer experienced advice and coping strategies for day to day activities.

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