360 Care Manager

360° Care Management

360° Care Management is Qualicare Ottawa’s premium service. It provides complete, coordinated care managed care, and a dedicated Personal Care Manager (PCM) to provide the ultimate level of care for the patient and family. This is holistic healthcare taken to its highest level. It is a very effective way of providing individualized, comprehensive and proactive home care.

When illness strikes or aging becomes challenging, families are faced with an overwhelming new reality. There are physical and emotional issues to deal with. New medical routines and ongoing doctors’ visits to arrange and coordinate. Supplies and equipment may be required, or modifications to the home may be necessary. There are many practical decisions that must be made. Trying to cope with all the complications that illness brings while keeping all your responsibilities in order can be stressful.

Nurse Care Managers are assigned to clients who want private, care-managed care. Qualicare’s Personal Care Managers (PCMs) are capable of providing families with a holistic picture – a 360 degree perspective. They coordinate all aspects of a patient’s healthcare and help families support each other. The knowledge, guidance and support they provide greatly reduces the burden on family members and allows them to stay involved in a more meaningful and caring way.

360° Care Management provides:

  • 24/7 around-the-clock, on-call support
  • Personalized healthcare planning using a proactive model
  • Consultations and healthcare support from your Personal Care Manager
  • Creation and maintenance of a Healthcare Profile
  • On-site visits by your Personal Care Manager, as needed
  • Accompaniment to doctor appointments and hospital visits
  • Placement and supervision of home caregivers
  • Regular updates to family members
  • Family guidance and counseling
  • Advocacy on behalf of the patient

About The Personal Care Manager (PCM)

The Personal Care Manager (PCM) is involved with the patient and their family to coordinate all facets of their healthcare. PCMs follow a doctor’s lead, utilizing Qualicare Ottawa’s full range of home care and hospital support services. Our PCMs collaborate with the patient’s specialists, doctors, hospitals and social agencies to leverage every resource available, both public and private, greatly enhancing the level of care and quality of life.
We can help you investigate options, overcome obstacles and coordinate all healthcare activities. The PCM considers all factors to understand the entire picture, then sets realistic and appropriate goals. Our care is focused on each patient’s unique circumstances. We help save time and energy by handling any issues that arise.

Clients with care managed care can also acquire medical supplies and equipment conveniently and at reduced prices.

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