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Care for all ages

We support our clients by putting together a home care team capable of providing all levels of service to address both physical and emotional needs. When home is considered the safest and most comfortable environment for the patient, we want them to remain there, whether they need…

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Alzheimer’s Care

A life with Alzheimer’s remains one of possibility, joy and potential if you opt for attentive care. Qualicare Ottawa is proud to provide compassionate, integrity-focused assistance that integrates painlessly with your loved one’s comfort zone and living environment. Experienced our personalized, respectful approach to Alzheimer’s care.

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Palliative Care

Qualicare offers services to relieve stress and improve quality of life for the family and the loved one who, together, face the crisis of end-of-life. Making the transition from concentrating on a cure to ensuring quality of life is emotionally difficult and demanding. Our experienced and compassionate nurses and caregivers are experts at helping families through this difficult transition.

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Hospital Support

Hospital staff do their best to attend to your needs, but it can be difficult to provide care in a timely manner given the staff to patient ratio. When you require more individual attention, we can help. We are often called upon to provide additional care in Ottawa area hospitals. Having individualized care and support ensures comfort and safety, and may prevent complications…

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Dementia Care

Your loved one deserves the full attention, understanding and awareness of nursing staff, especially when faced with the uphill battles they face with dementia. Our team is dedicated to listening, learning from the patients themselves, and adapting a customized plan of care to suit their needs. Find out how today.

360 Case Management

360 Care Manager

Our 360° Care Management leaves nothing to chance. It is a whole new, premium approach to caregiving services in general. Experience coordinated, transparent management of your loved one’s needs, along with access to a dedicated Personal Care Manager to handle any necessary refinements. This is our way of putting families and their loved ones first, every time.

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Respite Care

Avoid burnout and ensure your loved one is kept safe, comfortable and well attended to. If you’re in need of short-term relief by a trained professional, we want to help. Whether you require time off or time to redevelop your skills, Qualicare is there – whenever you need us. Find out how.


Acquired Brain Injuries

When a loved one has suffered from an accident or other cause of an acquired brain injury, caregiving needs to be proactive and ready to respond at the slightest change. Our approach incorporates active monitoring and regular check-ins along with a personalized plan of care, ensuring no critical detail is overlooked while patients maintain their integrity.


Post-Stroke Care

Recovering from a stroke can have far fewer hurdles – and shorter distances between them – when turning to us for post-stroke care. Our combination of mobility recovery treatments and gradual rehabilitation ensure your loved one moves at their pace, is given their independence, and inspired with a personalized care solution based around their specific needs.

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