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The Qualicare Ottawa Team works together to serve & care for people who face age-and health-related challenges in Ottawa and its surrounding areas.
We deliver high quality personal and health care services that you and your family deserve. We are your guide to navigating the healthcare system.

Personal Care Managers – Our “Professional Daughters”

Kelly Prevost, RPN

Kelly has fifteen years of patient care, specializing in complex care management including Alzheimer’s/ Dementia, palliative, ALS, and challenging medical and non-medical situations. Combining her experience, expertise, creativity, and discipline, she cares for people who face the challenges caused by medical and aging issues, winning unsolicited praise & accolades.

Kelly served as the Charge Nurse for 126 beds at a major Ottawa long term care facility, personally provided and supervised care for hundreds. In addition, Kelly provided leadership to design and develop an innovative dementia “Gentle Care” unit, replacing the traditional “lock down” unit with a gentle caring culture and cheerful environment. Further to managing Gentle Care, Kelly gained the reputation of being a problem solver and was appointed to revamp the management of the Palliative and Complex Care sections.

At Qualicare, Kelly manages complex cases, provides medical care for clients, and supervises caregivers. Determined to improve the lives of clients, she pioneers high care standards and detailed procedures to ensure consistent excellence in caring for clients. Kelly works with MDs, Case Managers from public healthcare, and Discharge Planners to maximize impact of government funded care before supplementing with Qualicare services as needed.

Kelly’s Mission is to bring long term care into the home and raise the standards of family home care for all ages.

Eileen Lacroix, RN

Eileen Lacroix brings to Qualicare Ottawa over three decades of extensive nursing career at The Ottawa Hospital and her various volunteer activities in the healthcare field with the Cancer Resource Centre/Ninon Library. She is a fluently bilingual and dedicated professional with broad-based experience in Medical, Surgical, Intensive Care, Coronary Care, and Cancer Care Nursing. Eileen also has a strong management background. During the last six years of her nursing career, she worked in cancer care, first as Manager of the In-Patient Medical Oncology Unit and then for three years as Manager of the Systemic Therapy Program at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre.

She retired from full-time nursing and management October 2007 and has continued her involvement in health care projects with various organizations since.

She joined Qualicare Ottawa June 2016 as Director, Care Relations with a vision to connect more people with the high quality personal care that Qualicare is well known for—at home or other community facilities. She’s passionate and committed in delivering comprehensive care at the highest level of standards. Eileen is a definite asset to our health care team at Qualicare.

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Community and Referral Network Relations

Adolfo Fonseca

Adolfo Fonseca has over twenty years of mentoring and coaching experience. Moreover, he has worked successfully in areas as diverse as agricultural production, risk analysis, project management, and as an academic at the Pan-American School of Agriculture—the top Agriculture Production and Agri-business university in Latin America. In 2013, Adolfo’s father passed away after an arduous battle with prostate cancer. In caring for his father, Adolfo came to realize the importance of high-quality palliative care. This motivates Adolfo to providing care and support for clients through Qualicare’s work to help others in similar situations.

Ana Cerrato

Ana Cerrato brings years of leadership and strategic planning experience in financial management, risk management, and marketing. Ana has a history of involvement with the community, volunteering for different organizations throughout her life. She experienced the hardships and heartbreak of Alzheimer’s disease brought upon her family. She understands the importance of well-managed care and a good support structure and strives to enable Qualicare’s capabilities to bring relief and care for people and their supporting family members.

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Operational and Human Resource Management

Eddie & Kathy Chu

Eddie Chu has over forty years of experience in organizing high-performance teams across small and large organizations. He has held executive and senior consulting positions at Ontario Lottery and Gaming, The Minto Group, Algoma Steel, World Vision Canada, Tembec Inc, and Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan. His wife, Kathy Chu, has over twenty years of experience as executive assistant and church ministry leader and administrator. Jointly, they have owned and operating a number of innovative small businesses.

In 2003, Eddie’s father was stricken with lung and brain cancer and passed away at the age of 85 in 2005. His mother passed away at age 91 in April 2015 after suffering from pulmonary fibrosis. Eddie arranged care for his mother in her final months to provide respite for family members using his Toronto Qualicare colleagues. While caring and arranging care for his father and mother, it became obvious to Eddie and Kathy that government-funded care was often limited and navigating through our healthcare system required significant efforts and understanding. Kathy’s mother, who had Alzheimer’s for several years, passed away recently in the US after receiving home care in her last years. Qualicare’s work and mission, therefore, resonate with them on a personal level as they address the growing importance of proper health management and care for the elderly.

Together we work to care for you and your loved ones.

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