Winter Tips for Seniors

Here in Ottawa, winter is our harshest season, and it brings with it a series of its own unique concerns. Ice, sleet, and snow can all become a source of ongoing anxiety. This discomfort can be avoided by preparing for the seasonal shift before it happens. Here are some tips on how to get the gear youre going to need in the coming winter months.

Maintaining a Proper Wardrobe

Keeping warm begins with your wardrobe. If your current winter clothes dont inspire confidence, you may need to replace one or two components. Consult with your caregiver, and piece together a must-have list for the upcoming weather. Consider the age and condition of your current coat, gloves, hat, and scarf. Boots will be an absolute necessity, since a variety of difficult conditions will soon affect both sidewalks and walkways.

Getting the right clothes prior to winters arrival will help you reduce the likelihood of injury or illness throughout the winter months. Google your favourite stores to check for any upcoming sales, and be strategic about where and how you shop.


Severe shifts in weather may place a retiree in a precarious situation “ especially if they reside in an independent living scenario, and have to maintain their property themselves throughout the winter. The best time to pick up a few seasonal supplies is before the snow starts falling, so read on and well make sure you have everything you need.

Ice may cause surprise injuries that could restrict your mobility for quite some time. Consider a trip to the hardware or grocery store, and purchase a few large bags of salt. If youre unable to pick them up yourself, arrange to have a loved one or a care provider make the trip for you. Remember to store your salt in a dry, dark place until its required. When ice does form, sprinkle it liberally atop problem areas “ then wait several hours for it to take effect.

If you ever find yourself in a hurry, do not attempt to negotiate an icy walkway alone. Instead, request the assistance of a neighbour or friend “ and make sure to take it nice and slow. Nothing is worth risking an injury.

Snow Removal

If youve ever resided in a wintery region, youre already well aware that snow will periodically impede your ability to drive. The problem begins right outside of your garage door, whenever a fresh snowfall occurs. It may not be wise to attempt to shovel this snow out yourself. If youre not sure whether or not to attempt a task which requires this level of physical exertion, consult with your physician first.

Remember that many local businesses already offer snow removal at a very reasonable price “ and can often provide an entire season of clearing services for one flat fee.

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