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At Qualicare, we strive to provide our clients with a better class of home care—and that’s only possible with a better class of home care agency. One that approaches care from a holistic viewpoint. One that puts care in the hands of experienced local experts. One that provides care for not just one person, but for the entire family.

Personal Care Managers – Our “Professional Daughters”

Our Team | Qualicare Ottawa

Kelly Prevost, RPN

Kelly joined Qualicare in January of 2012 as Director of Care. She is an RPN and specialized in psychogeriatrics. Before joining Qualicare she had fifteen years of patient care, specializing in complex care management including Alzheimer’s/Dementia, palliative, ALS, and challenging medical and non-medical situations.

At Qualicare, Kelly manages complex cases, provides medical care for clients, and supervises nurses and caregivers. Kelly works with Families, MDs, Case Managers, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Discharge Planners, and other professionals on the clients’ care teams to ensure that Qualicare staffs have all the information they need to be an effective and valuable asset to improving client care.

Kelly talks to prospective clients, sets up initial services with families and clients, writes care plans, schedules caregivers, and provides continuous monitoring for client care. She provides support to staff including coaching, mentoring, evaluation, and corrective actions. Kelly manages the day-to-day operations of Qualicare. She oversees the scheduling, hiring, and care coordination and strives for continuous quality improvement. Kelly is determined to improve the lives of clients; she pioneers high care standards and detailed procedures to ensure consistent excellence in caring for clients and improving care delivery in safe working environments. 

Kelly lives with her husband and three children. She enjoys spending time with her family fishing, ATVing and being outdoors at her cottage in the Belleville/Trenton area.

Our Team | Qualicare Ottawa

Ashleigh, RPN

Ashleigh joined the Qualicare team in 2018 as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN, Quebec) and Registered Practical Nursing (RPN, Ontario). She has worked in hospital, long term care, retirement home, and home care settings.

Ashleigh carries out various duties including client assessments, customizing care plans, scheduling, and on-call assistance. Most importantly, she provides ongoing support to our caregivers, clients, and their families.  She works closely with clients, their Occupational Therapists, Case Managers and their care and legal teams to strive for multidisciplinary care to best suit the client’s needs and goals.

Ashleigh says her favourite part about working with Qualicare is the “sense of family” within her team and the clients. She enjoys the ongoing training and learning opportunities made possible by Qualicare. When off work with her husband and daughter she enjoys fishing, reading and attending events in the Ottawa region.

Community and Referral Network Relations

Our Team | Qualicare Ottawa

Adolfo Fonseca

Adolfo Fonseca has over twenty years of mentoring and coaching experience. Moreover, he has worked successfully in areas as diverse as agricultural production, risk analysis, project management, and as an academic at the Pan-American School of Agriculture—the top Agriculture Production and Agri-business university in Latin America. In 2013, Adolfo’s father passed away after an arduous battle with prostate cancer. In caring for his father, Adolfo came to realize the importance of high-quality palliative care. This motivates Adolfo to providing care and support for clients through Qualicare’s work to help others in similar situations.

Our Team | Qualicare Ottawa

Eileen Lacroix, RN

Eileen Lacroix brings to Qualicare Ottawa over three decades of extensive nursing career at The Ottawa Hospital in various health care specialties. She is a fluently bilingual and dedicated professional with broad-based experience in Medical, Surgical, Renal, Pulmonary and Intensive Care, Coronary Care, and Cancer Care Nursing. Eileen also has a strong management background. During the last six years of her nursing career, she worked in Cancer Care, first as Manager of the I

n-Patient Medical Oncology Unit and then for three years as Manager of the Systemic Therapy Program at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre.

She retired from full-time nursing and management October 2007 and has continued her involvement in health care projects with various organizations.

She joined Qualicare Ottawa June 2016 as Director of Marketing and Care Relations with a vision to connect more people and organizations with the high-quality personal care that Qualicare is well known for—at home or other community facilities. She’s passionate and committed in delivering comprehensive care at the highest level of standards. Eileen is a definite asset to our health care team at Qualicare.

Eileen holds a BScN from Ottawa University and an MPA from Queen’s University.

Operational and Human Resource Management

Our Team | Qualicare Ottawa

Eddie & Kathy Chu

Eddie Chu has over forty years of experience in organizing high-performance teams across small and large organizations. He has held executive

and senior consulting positions at Ontario Lottery and Gaming, The Minto Group, Algoma Steel, World Vision Canada, Tembec Inc, and Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan. His wife, Kathy Chu, has over twenty years of experience as executive assistant and church ministry leader and administrator. Jointly, they have owned and operating a number of innovative small businesses.

In 2003, Eddie’s father was stricken with lung and brain cancer and passed away at the age of 85 in 2005. His mother passed away at age 91 in April 2015 after suffering from pulmonary fibrosis. Eddie arranged care for his mother in her final months to provide respite for family members using his Toronto Qualicare colleagues. While caring and arranging care for his father and mother, it became obvious to Eddie and Kathy that government-funded care was often limited and navigating through our healthcare system required significant efforts and understanding. Kathy’s mother, who had Alzheimer’s for several years, passed away recently in the US after receiving home care in her last years. Qualicare’s work and mission, therefore, resonate with them on a personal level as they address the growing importance of proper health management and care for the elderly.

Our Team | Qualicare Ottawa

Rochelle Langlois

Rochelle joined the Qualicare Ottawa team as the Human Resources and Office Administrator in Jan 2020. Her role is to help our caregivers and the Qualicare team succeed by managing HR operations, recruitment, training, benefits programs, and work environment support.

Rochelle has acquired twenty years of HR experience with a successful track record in the homecare, non-profit, construction, and other organizations in the public and private sectors. She develops win-win relationships through strategic alliances, collaborations, and partnerships with colleges, trade schools, and technical schools.

Fluently bilingual in English and French, Rochelle has work experience in the full cycle of HR Management, including Health and Safety and WSIB interactions. In addition, she has experience in marketing, sales, job development, legal compliance, and benefits administration.
Rochelle believes in creating an environment in which caregivers experience career success and fulfillment while giving their best caring for their clients.

Our Team | Qualicare Ottawa

Maxie Ellis, RN

Maxie has been a Registered Nurse since 2014. She had the opportunity to provide one-on-one in-home nursing and this experience influenced her decision to provide personal care as a PSW regardless of her credentials. Ever since, Maxie has been putting her client’s needs first and focusing on how she could improve their lives.

Maxie carries this caring attitude to her work as a care coordinator with Qualicare Ottawa starting in 2017. Her knowledge and hands-on care an in-home RN and caregiver help Maxie relate to each person she greets on the phone. Her main goal is to ensure the right caregiver goes to the right client at the right time, ensuring that our clients know that they will get the care they need.

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Our History

Before Qualicare became a trusted name across North America, and before we opened our first home care agency, our story started somewhere even more important: with family.

Over twenty years ago, Wayne and Andrea Nathanson were caring for Wayne’s father Nardy as he battled Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). It was during this difficult time they realized the breadth and depth of dedication, the resources and support required to provide the care Nardy needed. His care involved coordinating the efforts of over 40 care and health practitioners from doctors and nurses to pharmacists and physiotherapists.

Fortunately, Andrea’s nurse training, home care expertise and resourcefulness enabled Nardy to get the best care possible. It made the couple realize how they could help other families in similar situations. That’s when they decided to start Qualicare.

Today, Qualicare helps families take care of loved ones all over North America. Their dedicated team of professional caregivers works tirelessly to deliver a standard of home care and quality of life unavailable anywhere else. It’s a wide-ranging, comprehensive service with a simple goal: your peace of mind.

Our Core Values

Two decades after opening our first home care agency, Qualicare remains committed to our core principles. Today, our approach to delivering care is guided by a set of eight Core Values:

  • Client Focused
  • Be the Difference
  • Better Together
  • Deliver Quality with Every Action
  • Transparent, Honest & Respectful
  • Listen, Learn & Grow
  • Beyond the Usual
  • Find the Joy

Our values push us to lead the industry in quality and commitment. To truly be able to improve the quality of life for our clients and their families, we believe in these core values. From being the difference during a stressful situation, to helping find the joy in little moments, we are more than standard home care.

Care Experts have extensive backgrounds in home and/or health care, many as registered nurses. They’re expertise lets them coordinate a team of local health practitioners and caregivers to cover your loved one's every possible need.

Comprehensive Care

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Committed to Quality

Our values push us to lead the industry in quality and commitment. To truly be able to improve the quality of life for our clients and their families, we believe in these core values. From being the difference during a stressful situation, to helping find the joy in little moments, we are more than standard home care.

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