Dementia Care in Ottawa

provider of dementia care in Ottawa listening to music with senior patient

Dementia is a relentless condition that can put your loved one’s comfort and safety at risk. It’s also too much for any family caregiver to manage on their own. Qualicare Ottawa offers dementia care as part of our comprehensive home care services. Together, we can help your loved one thrive in a familiar setting while easing the pressure on your family as well.

Dementia can affect your loved one’s quality of life in many ways. The confusion and memory loss can be incredibly distressing. It can also lead seniors to neglect their basic needs. Through our specialized dementia care, our caregivers for the Ottawa area can minimize the risks, improve your loved one’s quality of life, and ultimately slow the progression of their illness.

More About Our Dementia Care in Ottawa

Our Care Experts understand the physical and emotional stakes of cognitive decline. As registered nurses, our Care Experts can assess your loved one’s needs, engage with their medical team, and create a custom care plan that works for your family. 

Within your loved one’s personalized 360° Care Plan, our care can provide the following:

  • Mental stimulation through brain-boosting activities. Our caregivers will engage your loved one in activities shown to boost brain health and slow decline. To build on these benefits, we can also share these activities with your family members. 
  • The comfort of familiar faces and a regular routine. Dementia is a disorienting condition. A regular, reliable team of caregivers will work with your loved one, following a schedule that’s based on their needs. Our caregivers will get to know your loved one, engaging with their personality and interests to help them feel comfortable.
  • A helping hand for daily activities and oversight. With our dementia care in place in the Ottawa area, you can rest assured your loved one’s day-to-day needs will be met. Our caregivers can make sure your loved one eats well, takes their medication, attends their appointments, among other tasks. They can also watch for changes in your loved one’s mental state over time. 

Qualicare Ottawa Serves the Greater Local Area

The challenges of caring for a loved one with dementia can feel insurmountable. Let our Care Experts support you. Qualicare Ottawa is proud to assist families in the following communities:

  • Ottawa
  • Orleans
  • Kanata
  • And throughout the surrounding area

To speak to a Care Expert about your situation, call Qualicare Ottawa at (613) 366-2899. We’re always here to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and set up a no-cost assessment for dementia care in Ottawa.