Announcing Qualicare’s First Employee of the Year Award

Milanny (“Lanny”) Ferrer has been chosen as Qualicare Ottawa’s first recipient of the Employee of the Year (EOTY) Award.

Lanny is the winner because of her outstanding commitment to not only our company but especially to her clients. With frequent glowing reviews from her clients and their families, Lanny embodies Qualicare Ottawa’s core values in such a way that truly makes her stand out.

Lanny has been taking care of Qualicare’s clients since 2015. Her reliability, dedication, and caring nature make her an exceptional member of the Qualicare Caregiving Family.

Thank you for everything you do, Lanny!

Qualicare Ottawa will be selecting an EOTY each year using feedback from clients and other Qualicare employees for their dedication to reliable, compassionate, and competent care for our clients.

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