Mobility Independence Program for Multiple Sclerosis®

Frustrated By Having To Depend On Others To Do Simple Things When You Have Multiple Sclerosis?

Three Activities Most People Want To Do Independently:


Getting Up





“If you can’t get up out of a chair by yourself you CANNOT live by yourself.”

– Barbara Adams, BSc (PT)

“If I can’t get up out of a chair by myself, how do I start getting up by myself?”


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Qualicare Ottawa partners with NeuroGymFIT, world’s leader in “enabled” mobility rehabilitation techniques using their unique and patented equipment proven by decades of usage by thousands of people and clinical trials. Qualicare offers this proven enabling technology for the home. Benefits are:

  • Do your mobility exercises in a familiar setting at home

  • Eliminate unnecessary travel

  • Exercise when and as frequently as your condition permits without the constraints of a facility’s hours of operation

  • More frequent and shorter exercising duration enhances brain plasticity and favors better outcomes than longer and less frequent sessions 

Examples of Enabling Exercises

Sit-to-Stand Trainer

Sit-to-Stand Trainer

The STS Trainer enables you to start the standing up motion so that you can regain enough strength and brain plasticity to stand up on your own.

Bungee Mobility Trainer

Bungee Mobility Trainer

Using the BMT, you can start doing things using the enabling equipment, without the fear of falling, to gradually build up to total independence.

Pendulum Stepper

Pendulum Stepper

Use the Pendulum Stepper to strengthen upper and lower body muscles, improve range of motion, increase endurance, and develop cardiovascular fitness.

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