It is not uncommon to experience mental decline or memory loss. With age, cognitive decline may occur, at times as a result of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Therefore it’s important to find ways to help keep their mind stimulated and engaged so their brain can remain active and healthy. Here are some effective activities to keep your loved one mentally agile.


Crosswords are a classic activity which help to keep the mind sharp. Each clue in a crossword requires you to remember names, places, and words, giving your memory a boost. Crosswords are an excellent method to reminisce about the past or brush up on history lessons.

Video Games

Nintendo isn’t just for youth; it’s also an excellent activity that can encourage hand and eye coordination and can keep your loved one mentally stimulated. You don’t have to buy a complex video game system – you could just download some simple games on their phone that they can play throughout the day. Perfect examples are Scrabble, Tetris, and Bejewelled, which are complex strategy games that have the ability to improve memory and cognitive skills. Not only will playing games provide them with hours of fun, but it will give seniors a mental workout that helps improve their quick thinking and visual recognition.


Music is a series of patterns and rhythms that encourages auditory memory. Singing songs requires remembering the words and adjusting your vocal sounds to hit the notes. Through songs, seniors often remember their past experiences and even develop new memories. By providing them with an iPod or radio, you will quickly notice an increase in their energy levels and more positive feelings and emotions.


One way to help stimulate your loved one’s memory and their cardiovascular system is through dancing. Moving across the floor and remembering dance steps stimulates the memory and promotes blood flow to the brain. It also encourages feel-good emotions, which is important for senior health.

Keeping your loved one mentally stimulated as they age is important for preventing cognitive decline and improving their overall health. Use these simple and effective methods to keep their brain active and engaged.


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