Frequently Asked Questions

Will using private services exclude receiving government services?

No. In fact, our priority is to access public services from all appropriate agencies to ensure our clients receive all eligible service and resources. Qualicare initiates contact with public agencies and our coordination improves their designation of services.

Will private insurance cover Qualicare services?

There are many insurance plans that cover Qualicare nursing and personal support services. You should verify your entitlement from your insurance company. Individuals that hire us are responsible for reimbursement from their insurance companies. With current privacy legislation, we are not able to deal directly with insurance companies unless they hire us and provide explicit instructions.

Why should I involve Qualicare in the exploration and assessment of nursing homes, retirement communities and other long term care facilities?

We help make sure that important considerations are known and that the criteria are established before the search begins. We organize tours of the homes and facilities meeting these criteria. We set-up the appointments and are well prepared with important questions that help narrow down options to ensure the chosen facility, suits the residents’ requirements and values.

Where do Qualicare patients receive care?

We care for our clients wherever they are – at home, retirement communities or in hospitals. We provide services in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

What types of caregivers are available for our home?

All of Qualicare’s professional staff are experienced caregivers that have appropriate qualifications or certification to provide appropriate care for the assignments they receive. Many of our caregivers have professional, medical or nursing designations from other countries, complemented with local experience in Canada, which is a value add. Qualicare’s professional staff includes Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs), Physiotherapists (PTs), Occupational Therapists (OTs) and Personal Support Workers (PSWs).

What makes Qualicare unique?

We made a significant difference in each healthcare situation we’ve coordinated. Our primary goals are quality of life for our clients and helping re-establish a sense of normalcy to their lives. We achieve this by being proactive, despite the lethargic healthcare environment we face. Personalized healthcare solutions are developed and relayed to the entire medical team, ensuring that all possible treatment options are explored. We prioritize our client’s best interests, at all times. With family doctors overloaded, they can no longer be involved at the level every patient requires, especially during an acute illness. With the increased number of walk-in clinics, larger family practice units and additional complexity in our healthcare system, there is a greater chance of needing care from multiple doctors, which can benefit from being coordinated. Your assigned Qualicare Personal Care Manager is available to you, when and wherever you need – they provide continuity of care and ongoing support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are the benefits to having a Qualicare nurse case manager accompany patients to doctor appointments – either specialist or family doctors?

Our Nurse Personal Care Managers accompany clients to support them. They are well organized with material that gives the doctor up-to-date, pertinent information. In addition, the Personal Care Manager is able to interpret reports and findings and is available to explore viable treatment options and to follow-up with the appropriate medical professional. As a result, clients have more productive appointments and excellent follow-up. After the appointment, information can be relayed to desired family members, ensuring clarity and understanding.

What are Qualicare’s strengths?

Our commitment to excellence and being goal-oriented. Both are very important in order to achieve excellent results. Qualicare provides superior quality managed healthcare, with a focus on providing exceptional care and service. This allows us to provide a personalized, total care approach – committed to supporting both our client and their families.

If we find ourselves in need of Palliative care, how can Qualicare help?

Qualicare is very comfortable with providing palliative care at home. We have experienced, compassionate nurses and caregivers, who are experts at helping families through this difficult journey. We form a team with community resources, which is led by a palliative doctor. Together we are able to care for both patients and their families in a familiar environment. We provide consistent, coordinated care in a dignified and holistic manner. Our approach is to maximize the patient’s quality of life so that comfort is prioritized.

How quickly can Qualicare arrange a long-term live in caregiver?

Qualicare makes regular investments in finding people who are available for live-in care assignments. We regularly accept applications, collect data and interview caregivers to ensure that we have candidates who are immediately available for interviews by new employers and who want to start their live-in assignments right away.

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