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9 Ways to Adapt After Hospitalization

After you return home from hospitalization, you will need to take time to adjust and heal. In order to avoid the risk of endangering your health, it may be necessary to make changes to your living environment and overall lifestyle as you recuperate. Today, we’ll look at nine ways to help get back on track after your hospitalization. CHANGING YOUR

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Returning Home From A Hospital Stay

Visiting the hospital for any length of time is generally an unpleasant or unwelcomed experience. It is usually as a result from traumatic experience. Most people are excited to be discharged and to finally return to the comforts of home. When recovering from illness, injury, or surgery, however, additional measures may be needed. Whatever the reason for your hospital stay,

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Hospital Discharge Planning For Ottawa Seniors

Preparing for a senior’s discharge from hospital is complicated. There are things to arrange and decisions to make. Connecting with the hospital’s social worker is an important first step, as they are your in-hospital advocates. When the senior’s hospital discharge is being discussed or seems eminent, it’s vital to request a discharge planning conference so that you may discuss the

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Medication Risks for Seniors Discharged from Hospital

A recent study of almost 400,000 Ontario hospital patients showed that there was a significant risk that patients would unintentionally discontinue taking vital prescription medications after discharge. This study tracked elderly patients who were on at least 1 of 5 medications for chronic disease (statins, thyroid medications, anti-coagulants, inhalers for respiratory diseases and gastric acid suppressing drugs) when being admitted

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