Returning Home From A Hospital Stay

Visiting the hospital for any length of time is generally an unpleasant or unwelcomed experience. It is usually as a result from traumatic experience. Most people are excited to be discharged and to finally return to the comforts of home. When recovering from illness, injury, or surgery, however, additional measures may be needed. Whatever the reason for your hospital stay,

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4 Activities to Maintain an Active Mind

Like the human body, the mind requires exercise to stay active and healthy. Over time, neurons begin to lose their inter-connectivity if not properly exercised. This deterioration in brain function is tied to memory loss and mental decline and linked to anxiety and depression in the elderly. As we age, it’s more important than ever to keep the brain engaged

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10 Signs Your Parents May Need Help at Home

There comes a time when the relationship between parent and child switches places. While once your parent offered unconditional emotional and financial support and guidance, over time the roles switch and suddenly the child becomes the caregiver and protector. Though parents and children alike may resist this transition, there are many signs that indicate the parent may need help at

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Aging and Maintaining Healthy Bones

Most people don’t usually think much about their bones or the health of their bones as they go through their daily routines unless something unfortunate happens. Yet having and maintaining healthy bones is essential to virtually every aspect of our daily lives. They are the framework upon which we are built. They protect our organs, produce blood cells and store

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Retirement and Health Care Expenses – Are You Prepared?

When people consider retirement, they generally focus on the positive aspects, like the freedom to do the things you’ve been looking forward to. A vacation home, traveling, social events, hobbies  and sporting activities come to mind when planning how and where to spend your time and money. Considering or budgeting for age related expenses is the last thing you want

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