Overcoming Parent Objections for Care

There will come a time in your parent’s lives where home care and in-home nursing care is the best option for them to be happy and comfortable. While you know that it is best, your parent may object even when it’s difficult for them to continue living independently. If you’re confident that the time has come, but are having difficulties convincing your parent of this, consider some of the following tips to help you and other family members overcome these objections.

Come Together

If everyone approaches your parents together with the same concerns, your parents will feel much more confident when making the decision to accept home care. Meet with your siblings or other family members to find out how everyone feels about the objective of getting help for your parents. Make sure you address everyone’s goals and expectations of the services so that you can discuss these openly with your parents and an in-home personal and nursing care service.

Flip the Conversation

Often, we approach these types of conversations by explaining to the person in need why we think that they need assistance. Instead of focusing the conversation on the reasons why your parents need a home healthcare service, try flipping the conversation. Explain to your parents why this type of assistance would benefit you and your siblings. Parents have the instinct to look out for what’s best for their children. When you explain that obtaining help would be a favour to you and help alleviate your stress, they may be more willing to try it out. However, frame it wisely so it does not appear as though you are “guilting” your parents into getting help.

Start Small

Starting out with a full-time caregiver can be very intimidating for your parents if they are resistant. Going from being fully independent to relying on a primary caregiver can be very alarming for your parents. Try starting out with a low level of care instead so that both you and your parent can see if it’s the right fit. This will help you all become more comfortable with the situation at your own pace. For example, suggest bringing someone in who would help with household chores such as cleaning, shopping, meals, and laundry.

Call Upon a Trusted Professional

Sometimes your parents need to hear the suggestion from a professional whose opinion they respect. Speak with your family physician, or maybe even a friend in the medical field, who could explain your parent’s options to them. Don’t be offended if your parents take advice from a professional rather than yourself. Sometimes we just need to hear it from someone with experience in the field. Remember that ultimately, this is about your parent’s well-being, and not about you!

Qualicare is here to help you through all of these steps. For any assistance and for information about the services that we offer such as in-home nursing care, or just to strategize the best approach to help your parents, call us today at 613.366.2899!

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