One Foot in Front of the Other: Discover Our Mobility Independence Program!

Every patient in need of mobile independence – whether as part of post-op recovery or to address a chronic neuromuscular degenerative disease – needs to undergo a series of carefully planned rehabilitative steps to ensure the best possible results. Fortunately, the team at Qualicare has an ideal solution – our Mobility Independence Program! We’ve teamed up with NeuroGym FIT to help folks get the most out of their rehabilitation process. Let’s dig into the key benefits of this program today.

How it Works

Our Mobility Independence Program is designed for at-home use, eliminating the need for unnecessary travel so you can focus more on taking care of yourself in a more comfortable, familiar setting. It all begins by working with a Mobility Specialist on a personal Mobility Training Plan. Then, a Qualicare Care Manager creates a customized care plan for your consideration and approval.

Next comes the equipment. With customized tools and movement-enabling NeuroGym equipment available for purchase or rental and a carefully designed exercise plan customized to your condition and needs, you are able to make movements that you can’t otherwise do without support from another person. For instance, the Sit-to-Stand Trainer system works to assist the standing motion with support at the knee, trunk, and arms, increasing strength in the latter and lower extremities. Or, you might be interested in the Pendulum Stepper, which is used for functional training of the lower extremities and aerobic conditioning via a reciprocal stepping motion – all without any need for transfers! In addition, these highly effective exercises are always available in accordance with your schedule to help you get the most out of your unique, personalized recovery program. 

Collaborating to Meet Scientific Recommendations

The Qualicare Mobility Independence Program, using NeuroGym’s effective yet easy-to-use equipment, helps clinicians fulfill the recommendations made by various clinical studies on movement. For instance, the human body is composed of multiple modifiable factors, such as core and muscle strength, joint range of motion and mobility – all of which can be positively influenced through the Program. We’re excited to help not only patients but also their clinicians in delivering an ideal means of mobility-associated therapy.

What are the Benefits?

Not all maladies can be “fixed,” and we understand that. Our goal is to help you get the most out of everyday life by regaining as much control over your mobile independence as possible. This program can assist with relearning movements so you can optimize your opportunity to leave that wheelchair behind, perform safe transfers to and from beds and vehicles, and regain the freedom to perform everyday tasks such as toileting on your own. Results will vary from person to person depending on their condition, but almost all our clients have experienced improvement as a result of this affordable, custom-tailored means of therapy. 

Are you ready to smooth out the road to mobile independence – and perhaps shorten your period of dependency – from the comforts of home? Qualicare Ottawa and NeuroGym FIT would love to help make it happen. Book your free assessment today, and let’s get started.

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