June is ALS Awareness Month

In Canada, June is ALS month. Local groups and individuals take part in a wide range of activities aimed at raising awareness of ALS in their communities. One of the most popular events is Walk for ALS.
WALK for ALS is a fun, family friendly event that occurs across the country each year in more than 84 communities. These walks are organized by local volunteers. This year’s 5km Ottawa Walk for ALS takes place on Saturday June 15th, starting off at the Canadian War Museum, 1 Vimy Place, Ottawa. Registration is at 10:00am.

All donations raised through the Walk go towards providing equipment, support, services, education for the ALS community, and research to find a cure for ALS. For more details, or to find a WALK for ALS near you, visit walkforals.ca

What is ALS?

ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (also known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”) is a progressive, neurodegenerative disease that attacks motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord affecting muscle function. ALS is characterized by progressive weakness, respiratory compromise and muscle atrophy. An ALS diagnosis can be overwhelming for both the patient and their family. Each day, two to three Canadians die from ALS.
The blue cornflower is to ALS what the Daffodil is to Cancer. They are the flowers of hope for both diseases.

The blue cornflower is a strong plant, able to stand up to the elements. Its brilliant blue blossom is one Canada’s most striking wild-flowers. This was chosen to symbolize ALS as, despite its fragile appearance, it is hardy plant.

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