How to Flourish While Taking Care of Aging Parents at Home

There are many things to consider when taking on the duty of caring for your aging parents at home. To flourish in this important life transition, it’s important to have the support of each member of the family. Making sure that everyone is on board with the duties necessary to make your parents comfortable will ensure a happy family. The following tips will ensure everyone is happy and comfortable with caring for your loved ones during this period of life.

Remember that each sibling has a forte

Take the time to sit with your siblings and discuss what you each feel most comfortable doing in the care process. For example, one of you may be more comfortable with doing errands for your parents such as groceries, while another may enjoy cooking, and another may prefer taking your parents to their appointments. Be accommodating to each other’s preferences, and it will be more likely that each care task will be completed to ensure your parent’s comfort.

Don’t be the “know it all”

Remember that each sibling is likely capable of managing your aging parent’s care. Rather than being negative and correcting each other’s actions, allow for each one to take on duties and be patient, if it’s something new, while others learn to complete these tasks.

Provide positive feedback and praise

If your siblings have been making great efforts to provide care to your parents, make sure you take the time to tell them how much they’re appreciated. Whether it’s a small or big task, having someone notice your efforts is always encouraging, and can also act as a reminder that you’re all in this together!

Consider alternating residences of siblings

If your aging parents can no longer live at home, consider having them stay with the siblings for several months at each house. This way, you ensure that the caregiving is divided equally between you and your siblings, and you avoid the responsibility being put on only one sibling.

Remember why you’re doing it

Giving your parents the care that they deserve can be boiled down to one thing – your love for them. Making sure that your aging parents are happy and comfortable by helping them fulfill their everyday needs is the best way to demonstrate your love and support for them.

Consider hiring home healthcare

Providing care for your parents can be overwhelming when added on to your day-to-day schedule. Adding in-home care to your 9-5 job, raising your kids, and finding time for personal fulfillment can be quite hectic. It’s important that you evaluate whether this is right for you. If you feel as though you have taken on too much, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Qualicare offers in-home caregivers and nursing care from friendly and supportive staff professionally trained to help you with this important transition and help your parents re-establish a sense of normalcy to their lives. To learn more about Qualicare’s services including in-home nurse care, call 613.366.2899 today.

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