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People needing home care often reach out to Qualicare Ottawa to help manage health crises. Yet, it’s always best to make plans before a situation becomes irreversible. An Ottawa client writes about her Qualicare experience:

“My Dad was hospitalized last October due to pneumonia. His doctor advised moving to a retirement facility with my Mom as he was too ill to be cared for at home. They did so reluctantly, living in a tiny apartment for five months and missing their roomy country home of 30 years.

In addition to obtaining maximum respite services, I hired daily caregivers to ensure Mom and Dad’s needs were met. Unfortunately, they continued to decline, physically and emotionally. Dad lost 37 lbs and Mom’s health condition worsened. My family recognized the urgency for them to return home, and I was overjoyed to find Qualicare just in time.

Qualicare accurately assessed the situation and worked closely with us on developing a three-phase plan to bring my folks home safely, provide them with 24/7 health care, and set up a sustainable strategy to keep them at home as long as possible.

The family physician initially opposed the move home. Yet, after reviewing our care plan the doctor agreed that we had a sound strategy and supported the move.

Within 10 days of launching Qualicare’s strategy, my parents were home. Their health and quality of life improved thanks to a tailor-made daily care plan that included better meals, medication monitoring and adjustments, activities, exercises, and regular collaboration with the physician. For the longer term, Qualicare is arranging for a live-in caregiver for safe and affordable 24/7 care.

I believe what makes Qualicare stand out as a home care provider is its active care management. This is different from what we had found in researching and using services from other home care agencies. Qualicare assessed my folks’ specific needs and worked closely with us to set goals for improvement, implement a tailor-made care plan, and actively advise us on appropriate care to keep my parents safe and healthy.

Qualicare also helped us navigate the healthcare system and find ways to maximize care funding and minimize our financial burdens.

After observing Qualicare’s team in action, our doctor inquired with Qualicare about home care for her own 92-year old father.”

Eddie Chu, Qualicare Ottawa’s Managing Director, adds: “This daughter’s timely decision in calling us was pivotal in reversing her parents’ decline and setting them on the path of improvement. A common cause of crisis in caring for a loved one is family caregiver burn-out. In order to avoid a crisis, call us so that we can plan ahead together. Our expert Personal Care Manager provides what we call 360 Care Management. Like a ‘professional daughter’ or ‘professional sister’, she coordinates everything for the client’s wellbeing and the family’s peace of mind.”


For over ten years, Qualicare has provided Canadians with superior, compassionate, and affordable nurse-managed home and health care. Please call Eddie or Kathy at(613) 366-2899 today to discuss your options, or visit www.QualicareOttawa.com.

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