Giving Back to Mom and Dad

Your parents have cared for you when you were little: singing a lullaby to help you sleep, protecting you from danger, cooking and feeding, helping you get over sicknesses, and countless other ways. As your parents age, a time may come when it’s necessary to return their kindness and reverse those roles. When everyday tasks become a challenge for your elderly parents, loving care and support from their children can help parents make the most of their later years in life.

Here are some simple ways to return the care to mom and dad that they gave to you.

Be patient with them

Aging parents can begin to lose both physical and cognitive abilities over time. Whether they struggle to remember things like names or phone numbers or go up and down stairs, they need your patience to help them along. It can be difficult to understand what they are going through without experiencing it for yourself, but it helps to keep in mind how much patience they showed you as a child when you were learning and developing.

Make them an integral part of your life

It’s important to remember that as our parents age, they can quickly become lonely and isolated. Whether you have a widowed parent or not, it’s a time when many close friends and relatives pass away. As those bonds fade, your parents are at greater risk of social isolation, which is a precursor for mental and physical decline.

That’s why it is more important than ever to keep your parents involved in your life. Having the grandkids visit, spending family dinnertime together, and visiting on a frequent basis help keep them remain engaged, healthy, and happy.

If you do not live in town, regular phone calls or Skype/FaceTime sessions are a great start. Companionship services are helpful and can fill in the gap for real life contact, socialization, and stimulation. Whether it’s playing cards, going for a walk, or just chatting, social stimulation is critical.

Hire home care services

We all have our limits as to what we can do and provide in the terms of support. And when your parents require more than you can provide, can offer an optimal level of care and assistance to keep your parents safe and healthy. In-home caregivers can administer medication, prepare meals according to nutritional requirements and personal taste, and extend the doctor’s reach of care to ensure you aging parent is safe, comfortable, and supported.

When your aging parents begin to show signs that they may be struggling to get though everyday tasks, get help before it is too late. Qualicare Family Homecare specializes in such services to care for and protect your loved ones. Give us a call at 613.366.2899 to schedule a free in-home parent care consultation.

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