All About Brain Workout+™

We all know how important physical activity is, especially for seniors, but let’s not forget brain activity. It is essential for people of all ages to exercise their brains. Brain exercises improve memory and reduce loneliness and boredom. Qualicare’s Brain Workout+™ is a complete and “hands on” brain workout program aimed at keeping the mind sharp and healthy.

What is Brain Workout+™?

Brain Workout+™ is a signature program offered through Qualicare Family Homecare. It is a series of eight workshops, one hour each in length, to exercise the brain in fun and challenging ways, stimulating brain functions and improving memory and overall brain health. Brain Workout+™ can be done in assisted living homes or in your own home with our team or with a group of friends.

What Brain Workout+™ Does

Brain Workout+™ is designed stimulate the brain and to get seniors to socialize. The key components to the course are:

  • Neuro-aerobics
    • Designed specifically to challenge the mind and create positive brain stimulation. There are a variety of different puzzles and games to work through with the help of the workshop facilitator. Using activities such as word-find, connect the dots, and mazes, the brain will be exercised and be ready for the next stage in the workout. You can visit the Brain Workout+™ page on our website to download sample exercises.
  • Music stimuli
    • Music is widely known to be a healing tool. It is also an excellent way to kick your brain activity into a higher gear.
  • Art stimuli
    • Working with your hands is an excellent way to exercise your eye-hand coordination. Art projects provide creative thinking and challenge the mind.
  • Relaxation techniques / exercises
    • After every great workout there is a relaxation period. With various Reiki relaxation techniques and other exercises the seniors will feel completely at ease and calm after a period of brain stimulation. The techniques learned in the relaxation exercises can be used later should they choose to do so. Rest assured that everyone will sleep soundly after a Brain Workout+™ session.

It may not always be the first instinct to exercise the brain. The brain, however, is the organ driving the rest of our body. Keeping the brain healthy and active is fundamental to healthy living in all aspects of life. Contact Qualicare Family Homecare at 613.366.2899 to learn more about Brain Workout+™, to book a session for you or your loved one, or to discuss Qualicare’s caregiving services including companionship, Alzheimer’s care, dementia care, in-home care, and respite care.

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