A Quick Guide to Staying Social

Loneliness is unfortunately a common part of life for many seniors. Providing opportunities for seniors to engage with other people and develop new friendships is vital for both emotional and physical well-beings of seniors. So whether it’s for you or an elderly loved one, here is a quick guide to staying social.

Senior Social Meetup Groups

Nowadays, “meetup” groups have become a common and popular platform for bringing strangers together with common interests. There are many websites online – such as Meetup.com – where you can search your local communities to see what types of groups are in and around your area.

The best part is, these groups can be tailored to just about anything. So whether it’s for you or your elderly loved one, search online for senior groups, or even create your own if there aren’t ones that already exists. This is a great way for finding people of similar ages and interests to socialize with.

Senior Fitness Classes

If you search around in your local community, it should be easy to find senior exercise classes. Whether it’s aquatic fitness or strength training, many facilities in Ottawa offer classes for seniors. This is a great environment for developing relationships among seniors. These relationships can simultaneously provide encouragement, motivation, and positive development to reduce the likelihood of common sedentary habits from settling in.

Book Clubs

Do a quick search online, or visit the Ottawa Public Library to seek out any local book clubs. If your loved one has an affinity for reading, then this is the perfect setting to help them get out of the house and develop new friendships. Book clubs offer the perfect platform for meeting new people while providing mental stimulation and creative imagination.

Senior Cruises

What better way to feel invigorated than by combining a change of scenery and excitement with a boatful of people with similar interests? Senior cruises focus on everything that you or your loved one might need. It is the perfect platform for embarking on new adventures while creating new memories with people of similar ages from all walks of life. From guided tours to group activities by the pool – this is the perfect way to stimulate excitement and socialization.

Companion Care

Your loved one can also stay social right in the comfort of their own home. With companion care, a caregiver is carefully selected to be compatible with the needs and interests of your loved one. From playing cards to having deep conversations, companion caregiving includes an important component in addition to providing help like running errands and assisting with cooking and light housework. However, care should be taken to ensure a match between the caregiver and the senior in terms of culture, temperament, and interests.

As we begin to age, the time that steals away our youth takes with it many of our friends and loved ones as well. It’s a natural part of life and something that we must endure. However, seeking out opportunities for socializing with others in similar stages of life and developing new friendships can engage us, keep loneliness at bay, and ultimately make many of us – especially our elderly loved ones – happier.

At Qualicare Family Homecare, we believe keeping social bonds strong should be a priority for seniors and their families. Get in touch at 613.366.2899 to learn more about strategies for staying social.

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