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Qualicare is an Authorized Service Provider for Homecare and Nursing Services for the Ontario Blue Cross, Green Shield Canada, WSIB, Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans Affairs Canada, and the RCMP.

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Qualicare Family Homecare

At Qualicare Family Homecare, we go above and beyond basic care. As an Ottawa senior home care agency, we provide compassionate and consistent nurse-managed in-home care and relief for you and your family. Our kind, energetic, and expertly trained staff including RPNs, RNs, PSWs and a dedicated Personal Care Manager are here to support the whole family and coordinate the best possible care.

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Qualicare Family Homecare offers a stimulating, rewarding, and flexible work environment. Team members have the opportunity to learn and grow, while making a difference in the community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who benefits the most from Qualicare Ottawa’s services?

Do you know a loved one who struggles to get around on their own, suffering from mobility issues caused by a chronic illness? Or, has a close friend been having a challenge getting back on their feet – figuratively and literally – after a car accident? There’s a misconception that quality healthcare is only for seniors when in reality, everyone can use a helping hand at one time or another. Therefore, Qualicare is everywhere. We’re happy to extend our services to those in need in the Ottawa area whenever possible.

What does Qualicare Ottawa specialize in?

Qualicare Ottawa is proud to deliver a wide array of care services for those in need of all ages, from children to seniors. We specialize in dedicated in-home care that brings professional nursing services into a loved one’s home for convenience, comfort and the preservation of independence. Our goal is to be there as much or as little as you need us – from meal prep to bed transfers and so much more. This fine balance of service and protecting client dignity enables us to establish stronger bonds with those we care for, both in-home and as part of our placement in local healthcare environments.

Qualicare Ottawa also offers specialized services to address Alzheimer’s and Dementia in addition to hospice, respite and palliative care.

Where does Qualicare Ottawa serve, other than in my home?

If you need quality, compassionate care in a facility outside of your home, we’re here to help. Experienced Registered Nurses and other staff who undergo our rigorous training are often outsourced to local healthcare clinics, nursing homes and hospitals in the Ottawa area to support their own teams. That way, we can all work together to better meet rising demand and maintain a quality standard you can count on.

What if I’m suffering from limited mobility? Will Qualicare Ottawa be able to accommodate for this?

Absolutely. In fact, mobility therapy, specialized in-home care and transportation to help perform errands can all be arranged through us, with a dedicated and fully certified professional available literally every step of the way. By combining absolute compassion, thorough nursing experience, and companionship with a helping hand, we’re happy to ease the burden and encourage a faster recovery if it is possible as per the condition in question.

What mobility therapy does Qualicare Ottawa offer?

Qualicare Ottawa is a proud partner with NeuroGym Rehab, which offers a wide range of rehabilitation treatments designed for those challenged by limited mobility. From effective strength training to a focus on balance and stability, we can help arrange for a suitable recovery-boosting plan to be set in motion. By improving cognitive and functional skills with established, proven techniques, Qualicare and NeuroGym Rehab can make the road to recovery all that much shorter.

Can I join the team?

We’re always looking for skilled, compassionate folks to join the Qualicare family, including in the Ottawa area. View our current listings to see how you can help us meet the ever-growing demand.

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