Whether recovering from surgery or a hospital stay or dealing with the symptoms of a chronic condition such as dementia or MS, a top priority of great in-home care is to provide personalized and compassionate care. What are the advantages of in-home care?

Personalized Care in the Comfort of Home

The environment where one recovers has a large influence on the healing process and state of mind. When a client is able to receive care in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by familiar settings, it can make a world of difference for their physical and mental health and well-being. Even with the best accommodations and best of intentions, care facilities can be cold and isolating without the comforts and familiarity of home. There is psychological comfort in going to sleep in your own bed at night and receiving world-class care in your own home.

Promotes Faster Healing and Recovery

When clients can reduce the amount of time that’s required to say in hospital, it can greatly reduce the risk and potential for infections or contracting communicable illnesses. Your loved one can stay out of the hospital while receiving care in a safer environment that can assist in their healing.

Easier for Family and Friends to Visit

Of course, being at home also benefits family and friends. Visiting is much easier since there aren’t any specific hours or regulations to contend with. More frequent visits can also provide a positive environment of support that they really need, in addition to companionship and social stimulation that is so important.

More Cost Efficient than Long-Term Care Facilities

In-home care is also much more affordable and cost efficient than inpatient care in long-term facilities. The client not only receives quality care and support, but they are also saving money for a service that is tailored towards serving them in the best way possible.

Reduces Re-Hospitalizations

Since clients who receive home care can reduce and avoid time spent in hospital surrounded by an environment that is prone to infections, the chances of re-hospitalization is also greatly reduced. There’s no need to worry about having to go back as frequently to the hospital. With the support of a care team, elderly clients are also less likely to experience a fall doing activities at home alone, which is a common cause of hospitalization.

Reduces Error

With personalized care that is tailored for each individual client, there is also significantly lower risk of any errors occurring when administering treatments. Since in-hospital staff are so busy, there is a greater risk of error. With in-home care, each nurse is dedicated to each individual client so that the care administered is focused and specific towards their individual needs.

At Qualicare Family Homecare, our priority is to ensure that both the client and family has the level of care and support needed to recuperate or continue to enjoy life in the comfort of home. Contact us today at 613.366.2899 for a free in-home care consultation.

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