How Caregivers can Spot Stress Early

Every day, a caregiver is faced with anxiety-inducing events. Living in proximity to such unpredictable and dire emergencies can take both a physical and mental toll. It is absolutely essential that caregivers familiarize themselves with their own personal limits, lest they may place their own health in jeopardy. Luckily, there’s a series of easily identifiable warning signs which can alert

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Preparing Seniors for Tomorrow, Today

As we age, new challenges emerge in the places you’d least expect. If your finances, personal affairs, and identification information are protected early on, you’re much less likely to face a plethora of bookkeeping complications a few years down the line. From planning a move, to arranging for a live-in caregiver – it’ll only take a few minutes to get

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10 Tips For Coping With The Stress Of Caregiving

We all deal with stress differently. Being a full-time caregiver can be very taxing. It’s important to know when you should take steps to reduce stress before it negatively affects your quality of life and your effectiveness as a caregiver. 1. Learn as much as you can: Illnesses are complex. As they progress they pose new and greater challenges. Researching

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Music As Therapy For Seniors

At some point in our lives, most of us have picked up an instrument and played a few songs or managed to learn how to sing a few vocal arrangements. We’re just now discovering that music carries several important therapeutic qualities, which have now been observed to assist in the treatment of some substantial medical complications – from encouraging the

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